Make Your Own Anti Static Spray

An anti static spray is very useful not only for you and your home, but also for your car, office or personal accessories. Everyone encounters such problems, for instance you meet an old friend, try to shake hands and you feel a small electric shock. Or when you get home, you want to turn on your TV and once you touch the button, it feels like getting electrocuted. Not to mention your clothes during winter or the long hair that just won’t stay the way you want it to stay. An anti static spray is not quite the most popular product on the market, so rather than going from one shop to another looking for one, you can just make it yourself at home.

You will first need a spraying bottle. If you already have a used one from another cleaning product, make sure you clean it well with soap and water. If you don’t, then just get one from the closest store, they are very cheap to purchase. Now that you are out, you will also need a fabric softener. Fabric softeners come in different states. You will need a liquid one. You usually find them in laundry shops or general markets dealing with anything, from food to cleaning products. It doesn’t have to be an expensive brand to make a good anti static spray.

Get back home with the “ingredients” and start the work. Fill a cup with water and get it in the spraying bottle, then add two spoons of fabric softener. Keep these proportions until the spraying bottle is full. Before using it, shake it good enough to mix the ingredients. Within minutes, your handmade anti static spray is ready to go and help you forget about those zapping moments, sticking clothes or irremovable pet hair on your carpet.